Design project



“This is a project for you – your job is to design mosaic tiling for this shed wall.” Starting point for designing is the use of this space. Here will be new space for metal and wood work. Years ago this shed was a place for a Sunday School activities, that’s why it will be still called Sunday School.

Let’s take some measurements and make sketches. Last week we started and this is what we have done.





Studio Zona

It is time to introduce Studio Zona. Here is the old studio and new studio under construction.



Here two ceramic artist work and live. Nanna Bayer works with colored porcelain. Her pieces are hand built and very thin. Zsolt Faludi is specialized in throwing. In a moment he makes a big fermenting pot or a set of cups.

Daily life is not only ceramic work, it includes gardening, building and multi tasking. It is incredible here.

Check here their Instagram to see more!

“You name it, we make it.” -Studio Zona


Last weeks have been chaotic…

What should we pack, is it cold or is it warm? Hiking boots or sneakers? How many kilos and is there enough space for souvenirs. Panic. Panic.

But somehow the luggages are ready and we are in the airport. Our travel trajectory is Helsinki- Hong Kong – Melbourne – Hobart.  From Helsinki we start from T2 terminal. In our insta postings we’ll use #T2Tas2017 Stay tuned!


We and our project

Mitä seuraa kun kaksi muotoilijaa innostuu nerikomitekniikasta?


Olemme Tuija ja Elina, meitä yhdistää kiinnostus keramiikkaan ja uteliaisuus uusia asioita kohtaan. Valmistumme pian Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulusta pääaineenamme lasi- ja keramiikka. Opiskelujen huipennukseksi, keväällä 2017 lähdemme työskentelemään keramiikkastudio Zonaan Tasmaniaan.

Blogissa fiilistellään Tasmanian kuvilla ja haetaan inspiraatiota paikallisen luonnon väreistä ja eläimistä. Suunnitellaan tulevaa matkaa ja toteutetaan muotoiluprojekti, jonka tuloksena syntyy tuote. Ostamalla tuotteen voit tukea matkaamme.

Tasmaniaan päästyämme postailemme keramiikkastudion arjesta sekä vapaapäivien vaelluksista.

Seuraa meitä ja seikkailujamme!


What happens when two designers get interested in nerikomi technique?


We are Tuija and Elina, we share an interest in ceramics and curiosity to learn new things. We study at Häme University of Applied sciences in the department of glass and ceramics. Before graduating the highlight of our studies will be a trip to Tasmania. We will be working at the ceramics studio Zona in the spring 2017.

On our blog we get inspired by pictures of Tasmanian flora and fauna. We will tell about our travel plans and ceramics projects. Before our trip we will carry out a design project and make a product that you can buy to support our trip.

Once we get to Tasmania we will post our daily work in the studio and  our spare time adventures.

Follow us and our adventures!