It is time to put glazed ceramic tiles on window frames. We have learned how to do tile  and seam hand made ceramic tiles. This is the result.



A warm sunny day is perfect for preparing gobi. Gobi is a mixture of straw and clay. We prepared this insulating building material to be used in ceramic studios walls.






There is huntsman in the house and this time this small one was hiding in the kitchen. On other day we met also scorpion and blue tongue lizard. You newer know who is waiting for you…





It is autumn but for few days the weather has been warm and windy. Nearby in the valley we saw lots of smoke and helicopters during the day. Here it is common to keep on dated and check regularly fire service’s web page, so we looked for the situation. On night sky the flames seemed a bit scary. Let’s hope that forecasting keeps and rain will help to put out the fire.


New energy


Pancakes need company. We’ll introduce you Four in a Row.

Peanut Butter is our new friend, it can be served both, with salty and sweet things. We can’t have a breakfast with out peanut butter!

Honey we were used to use honey only with tea, but now it has become a part of pancake breakfast.

Tahini we are still testing this taste.

Vegemite this is typical local product. Don’t confuse it with Nutella, because this is very salty and healthy with plenty of vitamin B.