Home made bread

We are lucky, when we arrived here Zsolt went to a bread baking class. Now we can enjoy fresh bread every second day. Bread and vegetables from the garden…


Studio Zona

It is time to introduce Studio Zona. Here is the old studio and new studio under construction.



Here two ceramic artist work and live. Nanna Bayer works with colored porcelain. Her pieces are hand built and very thin. Zsolt Faludi is specialized in throwing. In a moment he makes a big fermenting pot or a set of cups.

Daily life is not only ceramic work, it includes gardening, building and multi tasking. It is incredible here.

Check here their Instagram to see more!

“You name it, we make it.” -Studio Zona




Girls would you like to go sailing? We’ll leave tomorrow morning…

So we had a wonderful day at sea. That was something new for both of us and at the same time one of Elina’s big dreams came true. Come in Tasmania and your dreams will come true!


A warm sunny day is perfect for preparing gobi. Gobi is a mixture of straw and clay. We prepared this insulating building material to be used in ceramic studios walls.