When you work with the master you have to start from the basics. We worked with different kinds of clays and techniques… pinching, coil building.


Good Morning

First thing in the morning – make the fire! The breakfast is prepared in the outdoor kitchen on the fire. We have enjoyed of slowly mornings and jummy breakfast with local and homemade delicates.


Here in Glen Huon we are surrounded by mountain view. To get a better picture of the landscape we went for a walk. Beside the beautiful view we found blackberry bushes. So our first walk in Tasmanian nature turned in berry picking.

There is Sauna here

What does two Finnish girl want to do first when they have just arrived in Tasmania…

…We find out that there is unfinished sauna project going, so we put on our working clothes and started to work with the walls.


Last weeks have been chaotic…

What should we pack, is it cold or is it warm? Hiking boots or sneakers? How many kilos and is there enough space for souvenirs. Panic. Panic.

But somehow the luggages are ready and we are in the airport. Our travel trajectory is Helsinki- Hong Kong – Melbourne – Hobart.  From Helsinki we start from T2 terminal. In our insta postings we’ll use #T2Tas2017 Stay tuned!